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city_wall's Journal

offcourse's icon & layout journal
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the teenage queen, the loaded gun;
the drop dead dream, the chosen one
a southern drawl, a world unseen;
a city wall and a trampoline

(some of my recent icons)

I'm Stacie and this is where I post icons, layouts, headers, and mood themes. If you'd like, you can join this community (to see older posts and get interest icons when I offer them), and add this community (to be updated on your friends-page when I post anything new).

Looking for something in particular? Check out the tags to go through the older entries (join to see anything over ~2 weeks old).

1. Comment - it lets me know what to make in the future.
2. Credit - don't know how? look here.
3. If you're going to use something I made, upload it somewhere else (tinypic.com is my favorite). This is so that my account's bandwidth doesn't exceed.
4. Editing is fine as long as you credit me for the original.
5. Here are my resources and awards!

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